10 Ways to Keep Your Hair Out of Trouble

10 Ways to Keep Your Hair Out of Trouble

Trick number one. To lock in moisture and noise your hair you can use unscented babbling. Take a tiny bit of product and apply to the ends of your hair.

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Trick number two. It’s better to comb your hair when it’s dry starting from the ends and working your way up. That way you’ll prevent breakage.

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Trick number three. Apply some hairspray to your bobby pins and hair pins before using them. That way you will ensure better gripping and they will stay in place.

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Trick number four. How to stick your hair pins and bobby pins. Hold your section with one hand and stick the bobby pin or hairpin in the opposite direction of the way the hair falls. That way they will not only provide a better grip. But they will also not show and the fine look we’ll be a lot neater.

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Trick number five. Choose an eyeshadow that matches your hair color and apply it to your hair part. That way your hair we’ll look fuller and more voluminous.

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Trick number six. If you don’t like the way your ponytail looks for it tends to fall down. You can stick some bobby pins at the base of your ponytail to make it look perky and stay put all day long. Another option would be to please a hair clip at the base.

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Trick number seven. If you want a voluminous ponytail, you need to take it hair on your crown section and tie it with a small elastic first. Tighten it to get the volume you were looking for and then take the rest of your hair, bring it to the back and tie it with a hair tie.

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Healthy Hair # 07

Trick number eight. If you want your ponytails to appear longer, you need to section out the top layer of your hair. Take the rest, bring it to the back and tight with a small elastic. This way your hair we’ll casket from the top and look much longer.

Healthy Hair # 08

Trick number nine. To avoid flyways and baby hair, you can apply some hairspray to your brush and brush your hair with it or you can apply the hair spray directly onto the palms of your hands and run them through your hair like so. Another option, you can try is using a big fluffy brush for this.

Healthy Hair # 09

Trick number ten. Apply some hairspray to the tips of your fingers and run them through your roots massaging your scalp. This way you’ll achieve a lot more volume and texture in your hair and this is a bonus trick. If you want shinier healthier hair. You can apply natural oil or serum to your hair. One thing you definitely need to try is to apply some serum or oil of your choice before going to sleep. Break your hair and rinse that in the morning.

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