Top 7 Suitability Hairstyles and Facial Shape

Talking about the style of course not only discuss about clothing or something that is fashion style only, but also about hairstyles. It is inevitable if trendy hairstyles have become the need of men and women. In addition to maximizing the style as well as your appearance, hair style is also useful to attract the opposite sex.

In choosing hairstyles of course we must also consider the shape of your face. As we know that there are a lot of models or hairstyle must be combined with the shape of the face. Selection of hairstyles should also be adjusted with bushy hair or not, but it is worth paying attention to the health of your hair.

1. Round Face

Round Face Hairstyles Ideas

You could try a bit high hairdo and volume on top of the head so that the face will seem more cramped. If you want to wear bangs, bangs oblique create the layer on the side of the face, so the face will seem longer. In addition, the face is also compatible with long hair, shoulder length, or a hairstyle that is longer than the chin, making face seem longer.

2. Oval Face

Oval Face Hairstyles Ideas

You can try out all sorts of cutting hair and bangs. This face shape is a face that is suitable for all kinds of models and haircuts. Model long hair or short hair will look nice for the owner of an oval face.

3. Long Face

Long Face Hairstyles Ideas

You can choose a bob or bangs hairstyles. But avoid hairstyles that are too long, as it will only add to the impression the length of your face.

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4. Square Face

Square Face Hairstyles Ideas

You can choose the longish hair (not too long), wavy or curly hairstyles. Because the model can reduce the impression of a square on your face.

5. Heart Face

Heart Face Hairstyles Ideas

You can choose a short or chin long hairstyles. However, avoid hair volume models around the jaw line and pieces that cover your forehead. Also, avoid too hairstyle parted in the middle, as it will add to the impression of a more pointed on the chin.

6. Triangle Face

Triangle Face Hairstyles Ideas

You could try a short haircut and shaggy because it can reduce the impression that firm and dominant in the jaw.

7. Diamond Face

Diamond Face Hairstyles Ideas

You can choose a short and a medium haircut for this type of face. An idea by adding bangs forehead section that creates the impression of width on the forehead are also allowed to do.

Suitability hairstyles and facial shape, it will display the best of your natural appearance.

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