Top 5 Men’s Hairstyles for Long Hair

Hairstyles part in ‘lifestyle’. Hairstyle is also a part in fashion. Style the hair affects personality of a person. A man will appear to have a free character if it has a natural long hairstyle. Although impressed by the unusual, long hair is not just for women only. The men also can lengthen hair in order to perform optimally. For that, we will share about hairstyles for long hair that you can try to apply on your long hair. Here’s hairstyles for long hair that can be selected.

1. Ponytail Hairstyles

Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair

Ponytail is a model of men’s long hair tied at the back that resembles a horse’s tail. This hairstyle can be made with hair that is shoulder-length or longer. Surely you’ve often come across this hairstyle. Usually with this hairstyle, men will look fresher and hair will not interfere with the activity. Ponytail hairstyles often encountered in the well-known actors, soccer players, as well as in men active and dynamic in his work.

2. Long Wavy Hairstyles

Long Wavy Hairstyles for Long Hair



If you have any kind of wavy or curly hair and want to try to model the very long hair can be. At the time of your curly hair is still wet, then apply hair gel to all parts of the hair and let it dry on its own. After that you will see your curly hair turn out to be good anymore. And do not worry if your hair fluffy hair like this because long wavy hairstyles is suitable for all face shapes.

3. Rock Star Look Hairstyles

Rock Star Look Hairstyles for Long Hair

Rock star look is a men’s hairstyles for long hair was left loose. This hairstyle is often encountered in rock music player. This hairstyle does look rather grim and rock. For this type of straight hair, usually bouffant hair styled in a way that looks more and more eccentric. For wavy hair types, can be parsed regular with a flat bottom, or can be made with a random style layer with the back tied up a little. Long and curly hairstyle is perfect owned by a man with a high posture, and less suitable if owned by a man who grows short and fat.

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4. Skater Boy Look Hairstyles

Skater Boy Look Hairstyles for Long Hair

Skater boy look is a men’s hairstyles for long hair with bits of semi long and random style. The facade was left a bit long as bangs are not symmetrical so that you can free hair styling this model with different styles. Apply hair gel to the hair in order to create a texture that is a little wet hair, then split your hair. Comb and trim the hair with your fingers and use a hair dryer so fluffy hair. This hairstyle is also suitable for any face shape.

5. Distinguished Look Hairstyles

Distinguished Look Hairstyles for Long Hair

Not only women who can be so arranged her hair with a parting. It turned out the man was also able and still look cool with a hairstyle like this. At the time of wear hair gel to damp hair, then let your hair dry. Last comb your hair to look more presentable and let your hair volume so as not to look flat.

With tips on hairstyles for long hair is secured you appear more confident and more cool again. If you have another hair style, please share your ideas in the comments.

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